Girls Swimming Underwater

group swim lessons

June 29 - July 22 . Tuesdays and Thursdays with Vitaliy. Sign up at the front desk or call


2:00pm Beginner ages 3-5 years

(Blowing bubbles, front/back float, kicking, paddle stroke)

2:30pm Intermediate ages 3-5 years

(front/back float, front/back glide, treading water, back crawl, retrieving objects)

3:00pm Beginner ages 6+

(Blowing bubbles, front/back float, kicking, front/back glide with kick, paddle stroke)

3:30pm Intermediate ages 6+

(Crawl stroke with rotary breathing, back crawl stroke, back/front float, deep water tread, retrieve objects)

4:00 Advanced ages 6+

(front/back float, crawl stroke with rotary breathing, back crawl with bent arm pull, elementary back stroke, breast stroke, dolphin kick, tread water)