November 18th - December 11th (8 Lessons): Mondays and Wednesdays with Vitaliy : $60.00 Members/ $68.00 Non-Members

Preschool Beginner = 3:30PM

Preschool Intermediate = 4:00PM

Preschool Advanced = 4:30PM

Youth Beginner = 5:00PM

Youth Intermediate = 5:30PM

Youth Advanced = 6:00PM

November 30th - December 21st (4 Lessons): Saturdays with Vitaliy : $30.00 Members/ $34.00 Non-Members

Preschool Beginner = 10:30AM

Preschool Intermediate = 11:00AM

Preschool Advanced = 11:30AM

Youth Beginner = 12:00PM

Youth Intermediate = 12:30PM

Youth Advanced = 1:00PM




Please choose the level appropriate for your child or call the instructor if you have questions. The instructor may move the child to another class for proper skill level placement.


Deanna Deboer: 360-354-1396

Vitaliy Bondarchuck: 360-961-6277

Cindy Perry: 360-927-2209



Lesson Placement:

Preschool Levels: 3-5 yrs

Beginner - (New to water/May be afraid)

This class focuses on water adjustment through games and playful interaction in the water. Basic swim skills are introduced. The purpose of this class is to develop a comfort level in the water that will prepare the child to learn how to swim.  Instruction focuses on supported floating and beginning movements. 


Intermediate - (not scared of the water/has had lesson sessions before)

For children who have acquired basic skills such as supported floating and rhythmic bobbing. Unsupported floating and gliding, as well as front and back crawl arm movements are taught. Personal safety skills are introduced.



Youth Levels: 6+ yrs

Youth Beginner - (New to water/Swimming)

This level is for beginners. The class focuses on water adjustment, basic swim skills such as floating, gliding, front and back crawl arm movements. The purpose of this class is to develop a comfort level in the water.



 Youth Intermediate/Advanced - (Putting strokes together - can swim length of pool)

Instruction builds on previously learned skills and is designed for children who have already learned the basics of front and back crawl. This class also focuses on learning/refining each of the strokes and diving. 


*Must prepay to sign up

*Parents must remain in the pool area with children 7 years and under

*Instructor may move child to a different class according to skill level

*Missed lessons are not able to be made up

*3 children must be enrolled in order to have a class

*Low numbered classes may be combined to make one class

*No food or gum is allowed in the pool area. Beverages in non-breakable containers are acceptable

*Non-members may pay a guest fee for children swimming not in lessons




*Cancellation Policy*

All cancellations must be made 1 week prior to your swimming lesson start date. Lessons cancelled at least 1 week prior to the first day of class will result in a full refund. No refunds will be issued if the cancellation is made without a weeks notice to the class start date.  


*For Non-Members*
If you would like to bring guests during the swim lesson, or if you would like your child to swim before/after your lesson, you may pay the guest fee: $5 (0-17 yrs and seniors 60+ yrs) , $7 (18 + yrs)


** Children may be moved & classes may be changed or combined to make complete classes **


Call 354-1196 ext. 7 for Enrollment

115 E Homestead Blvd  |  Lynden, WA 98264
 360-354-1196  EXT 7

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