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private swim lessons

$35.00 per half-hour lesson

Additional Child: $10.00 per child 

*Please call/text the swim instructor for more information and to set up lessons.

Michelle: 360-599-7742 


Kirsten: 360-325-2404 (CURRENTLY FULL)

Deanna: 360-354-1396

Vitaily: 360-961-6277

No Refunds:  There are no refunds of any fees or other amounts paid in connection with personal training packages/services. 


Homestead Fitness Center (HFIT) operates on a scheduled hourly appointment basis for private training/swimming sessions. Therefore, when cancelling an appointment, you are required to provide a minimum of 24-hour notice, for which no additional levy shall be incurred. However, if you cancel a session LESS than 24 hours to the scheduled appointment time, you will be charged in full for that training/swimming session. 

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