Upper HIIT and Lower HIIT: Upper and Lower HIIT (high intensity interval training) are separate classes that focus on building specific muscle Groups. By attending these classes throughout the week you get the benefit of a program lead by knowledgable instructors without having to plan it yourself. 

Zumba: Dance your way into fitness by combining Latin and international music with dance moves. Zumba proves that cardiovascular fitness can be fun. 

Striders: Great off season muscle and conditioning work to help ready you for marathon training or running. Great for the casual runner, off-season marathon training, or in-season race training. Running coach will adapt workout to your pace and fitness level. 

Power Pump: Full body muscle conditioning using a variety of exercises, equipment, and your body weight. Intensity modifications are provided for beginners to elite. 

Yoga: An invigorating yoga that builds strength, flexibility and balance. This class is for everyone, but includes poses for more advanced students as well. The class is both energizing and relaxing. 

FitKids: For ages 10-14, FitKids creates a fun loving environment for kids to remain active. From game based movements to lighthearted competitions, kids enjoy a sense of community in this active class. 

BATS: BATS stands for Butt, Abs, Though, and STRETCH. You will feel the burn in this 30 minute lower body blast. 

CrossTrain: A strength and conditioning class where you'll be exercising both aerobically and anaerobically. There's a functional strength focus and a conditioning focus, like running, biking, and rowing. The workouts are constantly varied. 

Bootcamp: Bootcamp combines intervals of cardio and muscle conditioning exercises to provide you with the ultimate workout. You can burn 400-600 calories in a variety of classes that may use jump ropes, boxing drills, free weights, and even a little healthy competition. 

TRX Cardio Circuit: The TRX Suspension trainers use gravity and body weight to complete 100's of exercises. Members will be in charge of the intensity of each exercise by body position. Infused into the suspension training are all types of cardio. You won't stop moving in this class! 

Core and More: Brings together techniques from pilates, sports training, and rehab to help you improve core strength for better athletic performance and injury reduction/prevention. This class is low impact and often uses the foam roller to aid in stretching. 

VeloCross: This class combines Crosstrain with indoor cycling. You will get one intense workout with max calorie burn. Come ready to sweat! 

VeloSpin: This 45 minute indoor cycling class will have you sweating and burning fat without the stress on your joints associated with running and jumping. Instructors guide members through warm up, study up tempo cadences, sprints, climbs, cool downs, etc. 

VeloCrank: This 30 minute spin class is designed to provide you with the optimum in fat burning and strength building. This ride will simulate varied terrain as you tackle rolling hills, sprints, and other drills to give you a great interval workout. This class is for beginners as well as seasoned athletes. 

Aquafit: Take advantage of Homesteads pool facilities! We offer water based aerobics in both deep and shallow water. They are challenging and a great way to reduce the impact floor based classes come with. 

Retrofit: Seniors will benefit from a variety of types of low impact floor work, total body conditioning and stretching. This class used weights of your choice, resistance bands and footballs. You don't have to be a senior to benefit from this class! 

Tread n Shed: Running at a varied pace burns more calories, developing better endurance than running at one pace! Its a fun 30 minute class for all fitness levels. Participants choose their own pace. Ellipticals and bikes are available to further reduce joint impact.