The power of massage

Pre- Workout Benefits:                                     Post Workout Benefits:

-Improve range of motion                              -Flush lymphatic system

-Improve flexibility                                          -Reduce lactic acid

-Reduce strain and cramping.                        -Relieve pain

-Reduce pain                                                    -Relax muscles

-Improve blood flow                                        -Reduce soreness

What is SolaJet DRYWAVE Massage?

Solajet uses the combination of water and massage to create a perfect non-irritating, deep penetrating pressure to relax muscles, improve blood flow, and accelerate recovery. SolaJet's Drywave Massage technology stands alone it its ability to provide the most therapeutic and convenient touch-less massage. *Water conforms around bone and connective tissue to target and relax muscles. *High pressure water jets allow for deep penetration. *Soothing wave therapy promotes circulation. *Customized pressure speed and zones, isolate muscle groups or experience full body treatment. *Private and touch-less. *Powerful and healing water therapy without getting wet.  

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